Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
CW Contract Law and Legal


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We specialise in 

  • Contract Checking &
  • Contract Review

Prices start at £90.00


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dispute resolution for commerce and business

  • dispute analysis via contract review and contract checking

  • Low Cost Fixed Fees

  • Cross Sector business dispute resolution expertise

  • Specialists in Building Industry & Food Trade

  • 90% track record in case resolution


Call us on 0333 121 0161 for a free no obligation consultation on how CW Contract Law and Legal can help with you Dispute Resolution or contact us via our page. Someone will get back to you the same day.


  • Spurious disputes
  • Commercial dispute threatening court action
  • Strained working relationships
  • Contract Review covering dispute interpretation 

Our partner company AVC Debt Recovery also operate dispute resolution.

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There are more disputes than ever with some unethical companies choosing to fabricate and introduce spurious disputes rather than pay what is owed.

In many cases monies owed becomes disputed as soon as recovery is sought.

 In some cases there is just a breakdown in communication which may be caused by a number of factors.

Whatever the problem, we can try and help. 

Dealing with ambiguous disputes can be a very expensive, stressful & lengthy procedure especially when using Lawyers or the law. On average, a law firm can charge between £350-£800 per hour to deal with disputed cases plus disbursements. Of course we are not free, but our track record of solving disputes is second to none. Our best delivery was the solving of a £19,000 dispute for a £160.00 analysis fee.


At CW Contract Law and Legal we completely understand the frustrations associated with disputed payments and potential debts and this is why we provide a fully transparent Dispute Resolution Service that gives you peace of mind and saves you large unwanted legal bills. 

We have a fully qualified and highly experienced commercial team who will act to understand the reasons for the dispute and to find a resolution in that solves the issue that you class as a win. 

We have expertise in: 


  • Contractual disputes
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Spurious Customer claims
  • Food Industry disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Service charge disputes
  • Insolvency claims
  • Debt Collection disputes


We charge a nominal analysis instruction fee with a small percentage of any settlements made; it really is that simple! 

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