Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
CW Contract Law and Legal


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We specialise in 

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  • Contract Review

Prices start at £90.00


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In business, the correct legal services and the law of contract plays a vital role. The formation of a contract or establishing the terms and conditions governs all business transactions enacted by all businesses, from a handshake at the market to a large negotiation. Investing in good contract law advice is an investment and a vital part of any small business strategy, and can make or break a company.
Getting simple terms and conditions and legal agreements in place is a vital element for 
all businesses and this is where we can add value to your business.

Contract Law affects every part of business, be it small or big and can have a huge impact if it is not right, so it is vital to get this part of your business correct, yet its principles remain simple and comparatively straightforward.


The legal services deliverable and the legal issues that can arise from the way you wish to do business are crucial to your business, so we deliver the legal services you need at a price you can afford and our legal services will prevent you from getting into expensive legal disputes.    


We believe that everybody should be able to access the benefits of business contracts and legal services that incorporate English, not just those who can afford high prices.



We call this our KISS principle. Everybody has the right to understand the law of contract and its application to your business within legal documents and be confident of what they are agreeing and signing.



We are experts in Contract Review and Contract Checking and this service, that starts at £90.00, gives you peace of mind and keeps your company and hard fought for profits and margins safe.



We focus on telling you what the cost is and delivering to that cost. In fact we guarantee it with our fully transparent charges and costs. A bespoke service at an off the peg price. We guarantee it.

We either deliver the finished document when we say we will or we do not charge you.

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