Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
CW Contract Law and Legal


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We specialise in 

  • Contract Checking &
  • Contract Review

Prices start at £90.00


Telephone us on


0333 121 0161


between 09.00 - 18.00 Monday to Friday


Surrey Office

Office Suite 1


Fetcham Grove

Guildford Road


Surrey, KT22 9AS

Dorset Office

Office1, 60 The Esplanade

Dorset,  DT4 8DE



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fixed cost legal services covering contract review, contract checking,business and terms and conditions

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CW Contract Law and Legal is a legal services company as defined within th eprovisions of The Legal Services Act 2007. We also successfully recover business debts 


We are a small company operating from offices in Surrey and Dorset.

We base our business ethos that any business, whatever its size requires legal services, contract reviews and contract checking that delivers both legal compliance and simplicity alongside common sense ways of working and affordability which add value to your business.


Our collaborative, fresh and determined approach is based around the simple premise that it all starts with what peope seek to agree and everything flows form that agreemnet, so it is important that the way you wish to work  and take care of business is either checke dor set down. We are one of the few legal companies that focuses on ways of working as that is where 90% of issues arise. We also look at debt recovery and the contrcatual reasons why debt recovery occurs.


We have delivered business contracts, legal services and business debt recovery services across business disciplines within EMEA, EU, LATAM, BRIC and north America, and always we were told; business, especially small business, does not want reams and reams of legal clauses written in an alien language or advice that sometimes makes people mistrustful of the law surrounding business, what they want is to agree what is agreed then set out clearly so no ambiguity is created for any potential dispute. That sounds simple. We translate that simplicity into any contract or agreement. Can the man on the Clapham Omnibus understand it it? If we draft it yes he can.


Our approach is unique and reduces the potential for legal issues.

Legal Services and contract LAW

CW Contract Law and Legal are proud of their affordable legal services by being specialists in the areas we deliver especially contract review and contract checking.


Our ethos is that legal services, business contracts and contract law should be affordable and accessible for everybody in business, not just those who can afford high prices.


Nearly all our legal services have prices fixed at point of agreement and our aim is to keep your business safe and sound at a fixed price you can afford.


Our experience covers work enacted across the globe across a wide variety of business disciplines, including building trade and food trade dispute resolution, negotiation, debt recovery and consultancy.

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