Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
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Contract Review and Checking Service from £90.00




Fixed cost contract checking and contract review service covering contracts, terms and conditions, leases and business agreements. We check your legal documents/agreements to ensure there are no liabilities or costs at a later date. 


We also redraft clauses for those businesses that wish to use the free and low cost contract template services available on the internet to obtain low price contracts for use in businesses. 

We add value and legal expertise to those businesses that look to these services and contract templates.


We check review contracts to ensure that they are fit for the purpose for which you intend to use them.


Where you are already using template documents or have never checked a contract or agreement we can ensure they are legally compliant. We also advise on alignment with your ways of working so any document checked by us is less likely to fail when tested.



It is critical for any Company, no matter what sector of industry, to have suitable contracts, agreements or terms and conditions (“Agreements”) in place. Many disputes that lead to non payment and debt issues are caused by poorly drafted clauses, poor ways of working, unsustainable delivery mechanisms (including ambiguous payment terms), and poor or non-existent disputes procedures. Often disputes procedures cost more than the value of the contract and the most valued commodity - time.

We have come to learn that effectively drafted Agreements can enable your business to preclude poor payments and the disputes that lead to poor payment situations.

Prevention is better than cure and once we have recovered a debt for a client many of them use our affordable fixed cost contract checking and contract review service on a regular basis.


Please call 0333 121 0161 for a free no obligation discussion about our contract review and checking service; or

visit our contact page and we will get back to you the same day.


Our specialists have many years of experience in checking contracts and terms and conditions and drafting agreements across the globe.

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What is a Contract Review?

Basic common sense tells you that you wouldn’t sign a contract without reading it first, although the fact that many people do is pretty shocking. It is established law that if you sign something you are responsible for it,  so any signed contract, agreement or terms and conditions can have significant implications for the future of your business. As such all documents should be checked carefully so that you aren't exposed to substantial risk. This is where all businesses should turn to contract reviews.

A contract review is a contractual process used to identify and analyse the key provisions within any agreement. Our process with a contract review is to read it thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions, and we highlight and risk, liabilities and set out the relevant points of concern (or benefits).

Some companies present contracts or agreement expecting them to be signed without question. For example big companies and employment contracts or they trot out the hackneyed adage :it’s a standard document. Firstly, there is no such thing as a standard contract and there is no excuse for not doing contrcat review on what you are given before signature. Reviewing a contract thoroughly before it is signed clarifies each party's obligations, protects their interests and ensures that all parties are being treated fairly. 

It may well be that you seek some changes then the other side seeks to reword their clauses, which may lead to further negotiations and compromise before a final contract is agreed. But the aim is to agree a framework for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial working relationship. 

Unlike other companies who use contract review software  we enact contract reviews manually working through a contract line by line to analyse the implications of every provision.  


Why Are Contract Reviews Important?

Any contract is a legally binding agreement. Without a thorough review, there's a risk that the parties could be committed to something they can't deliver. They could also be lumbered with unfavourable terms that lead to costly, and entirely avoidable, legal disputes.

Therefore the contract review process is important as it reduces the legal and financial risk involved in any agreement. It provides both parties with a chance to fully understand the terms and conditions they are agreeing to before anything is signed,

We are not  great fans of post-signature contract review, but it does allow you to check clauses and provisions to ensure they still cover the needs of the business and the regulations of the relevant country.

A contract review ensures that all terms are fair, enforceable, and properly documented; making it clear what happens if either party were to break the conditions laid out in the contract.

For the average business owner, the language and level of detail in a contract can be what we describe as legal gobbledygook which leaves you at a disadvantage in many contract negotiations. Our unique approach means that we can translate the gobbledygook into plain English,something automatic software does not as they often overlook the word ‘cobblers’.


Who Can Review a Contract?

As anything can be in a contract as long as it is not immoral or illegal then anybody can check a contract, so we use a diligent and experienced paralegal team under out £1m PI insurance and set out a contract review, summarising the key points of liability and potential liability. We also always seek to insist that a waterfall dispute procedure is included in nearly all agreements as this is the way people work. A basic premise often overlooked by lawyers and contract checking software is that contracts never fail on the legal wording they fail in the way real people work with each other in real situations.. It is no good having all the legal wording in the world if the parties cannot agree on how they work together or what they will do when an unforeseen event happens.
In a smaller organisations, we see contracts drafted by people whose recourse to contract law is reading other similar documents on the internet  or a senior executive who plays golf with his lawyer friend and got a tip in the 19th. We always say if it works for you then fine, but the same chief executive who takes a lawyer tip in the 19th will not take advice on his swing. He goes and see the golf professional. Making an error on a par 5 may cost a shot. Making an error in a contract can cost may thousands of pounds.

For many businesses, the accessible and more cost-effective solution is to use a contract review and checking service that starts for as low as £90.00 at CW Contract Law and Legal who deliver a process that is fast, accurate and insightful.


What Are the Key Steps in a Contract Review?

Contract reviews can be broken down into many areas, but we always look to our old regiment and seek to adopt the 6Ps as well as looking at what the contract is designed to achieve for the business and what risks they are likely to face, a careful review of the payment terms and triggers, commercial terms and duration periods.

An example is days eom on payment. 30 days eom = 44 days average payment

60day eom = 84 days average payment.

You would be surprised how many people miss the words eom. Even more than miss the £80.00 fine sign in London bus lanes.
Contract Review Checklist

Contracts can vary significantly depending on the type of agreement. But there are some common elements that every contract should include.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the key points to include in your contract review checklist:

  1. Does the contract accurately describe the negotiated agreement?
  2. Are the parties involved properly identified?
  3. Is the duration of the contract clear, including any expiration dates, fixed renewals that precludes termination and break clauses?
  4. What are the payment terms and triggers? What are the payment dates and are they accurate?
  5. Are there any terms that could be open to interpretation?
  6. Are both parties' obligations accurately described?
  7. Are there terms in place for the termination and renewal of the contract?
  8. Is there a proper disputes resolution procedure included?


This list is far from exhaustive, but it does provide a few good places to start with a contract review, even if you're playing a lot of golf with a legal expert.


What is Contract Review Software?

If you seek to use this then it works, but we always say that AI has a place, but people buy from people and people know what they want and expect when they agree contracts. Nothing worse than having a  dispute and someone blaming the machine.

We check all types of legal documents, agreements, contracts, terms and conditions, leases, service agreements etc.

Please note that there are  many different types of contract. We have checked contracts ranging from an introducers contract for a young footballer to a multi million pound development from a large UK house builder and contracts across EMEA, BRIC, LATAM,  north America and  Australasia.  Below is just an example of what we work with. 

If you don’t see your document on the list of documents we accept, please contact us.


Please note, we do not offer legal advice, legal help or legal assistance on court filings or proceedings within the contract checking service, but will under our Legal Services.


We review and draft the following types of business agreements and contracts:


  1. All types of corporation creation agreements
  2. All varieties of joint venture agreements
  3. Building works contracts industrial and domestic (including JCT)
  4. Bylaws
  5. Confidentiality Agreements
  6. Consultancy agreements
  7. Conversions
  8. Corporate amendments.
  9. Franchise agreements
  10. General contracts
  11. Mediation agreements
  12. Mutual agreements
  13. Non-Compete Agreements
  14. Non-disclosure agreements
  15. Non-profit
  16. Property lease & other related documents
  17. Retainer agreements
  18. Supplier or supply contracts
  19. Shareholder agreements
  20. Time-Share or Shared Ownership Agreements
  21. Union contracts – buying/selling contracts



We check the following types of personal agreements and contracts:


  1. Civil Partnership agreements
  2. Cohabitation agreements
  3. Confidentiality Agreements
  4. Contracts of Employment
  5. Co-ownership agreements
  6. Employment releases
  7. Independent contractor agreements
  8. Lease agreements (car and property)
  9. Life insurance or policies
  10. Non Compete Agreements
  11. Non-disclosure agreements
  12. Power of attorney
  13. Prenuptial agreements
  14. Rent agreements
  15. Retirement plans
  16. Separation & Divorce contracts, agreements
  17. Tenancy agreements and tenancy contracts
  18. Travel and travel related insurance contracts or policies


We do not accept anything by fax.

contract review for business terms & conditions

Drafting Terms and Conditions

If you do not currently use Terms and Conditions, you are leaving your business wide open to problems. We are able to advise and draft terms and conditions at fixed fees and advise you on the law of contract so there are no loopholes for any potential dispute.

Overhaul of current Terms and Conditions

Many businesses do not review their terms and conditions, despite changes in legislation and general trading practices. We provide a Terms and Conditions health check to assess your current terms and advise how they could be updated and improved to protect your business further.

Concise terms regarding overdue payment, charges and interest

Every business suffers from slow payers and overdue accounts. We can help you ensure your terms and conditions clearly state the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest ) Act 1998 so your clients are aware that you are serious about getting paid on time.

Advice on how to ensure terms are effective and legally binding

It is a common misconception that terms and conditions need to be signed for them to be legally binding and enforceable. This is not the case, so as  specialists in checking and reviewing contracts we will make sure you are fully protected at all times. 

Special terms for individual business sectors

Due to our experience dealing with legal issues across a wide variety of business and  industry sectors, we can provide clients with advice on special and unique terms and conditions required in your chosen field.

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