Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
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We specialise in 

  • Contract Checking &
  • Contract Review

Prices start at £90.00


We offer a Free 30 minute contract law consultation


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between 09.00 - 18.00 Monday to Friday


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Fixed price contract checking, contract review  service, prices start from £90.00

Fixed price contract checking and contract review. Prices start from 90.00 pounds.

We check all the small print to protect you and your business.

Contract Checking and Contract Review for any type of personal or business contract.


Call us today for a free no obligation consultation with a legal expert on 0333 121 0161  or use our contact form


for a Free no obligation discussion, with a legal contract expert, on your contract checking requirement. Let us check the large and small print to ensure you are not signing up to any liabilities or hidden costs.


  • Fixed prices, no hidden fees. 


Send us your contract, terms and conditions, lease or any agreement and we will evaluate and clarify the document. We will translate any ‘legalese’ into common sense clauses that you can understand, or as we put it ‘understood by the man on the 'Clapham Omnibus’

We make sure there are no poorly or vaguely worded provisions, exclusions or limitations in the contract that might affect your business or give you liability.

As part of our contract checking and contract review service we will also talk to the other side's solicitors and agree wording that protects you and your business.

We explain clauses and do not accept legalese or confusing ('Confusius') wording as standard, which ensures you obtain common sense wording and drafting you understand.

Once checked we return your document.


It as simple as attaching your document to an email.

We turn around 90% of documents received within 24 hours.


Our fixed prices start from £90.00 and or quoted price is based upon how long we think a document will take. The price we quote is one fixed cost no add ons. Whatever legal document you have we will discuss all matters and deliver you an annotated document that delivers for you and your business.


We have checked legal letters and documents for £25.00. All of our prices are fixed so if we say £25.00 then we mean £25.00.

Simply Click via our contact form or request a call back and we will quote you


Please call us anytime Monday to Friday 08.30 –18.00 on   0333 121 0161 for a free no obligation discussion. 

Contract Checking, Fixed Cost Contract Review Contract Checking, Contract Review

Terms and Conditions & Contracts

We check your business contracts, terms & conditions, website Ts & Cs, privacy/cookie policy. Having wrongly written or no T&Cs can cost you your business. Furthermore, we check hire purchase or leasing terms. ensuring there are no unwanted surprises or hidden charges in the agreement or documents.


You need to Understand What You Sign

Protect yourself legally and your assets by making sure what you are about to agree to does not give you unwanted liability or problems. Checking the wording of legal agreements is important, but often overlooked and our service gives you complete confidence to agree or sign knowing exactly what you are signing up to.


Our Service is

Simple, Concise Fast and Easy.

Why take unnecessary risks when a simple contract check is a telephone call away.


Call us today on 0333 121 0161 or use or contact form for the fastest easiest way to have your contracts or legal documents checked or reviewed.

All our contact checking prices are inclusive of VAT.

Contract Checking, Contract Review Service Contract Checking, Contract Review

We check all types of legal documents, agreements, contracts, terms and conditions, leases, service agreements etc.

Please note that there are  many different types of contract. We have checked contracts ranging from an introducers contract for a young footballer to a multi million pound development from a large UK house builder and contracts across EMEA, BRIC, LATAM,  north America and  Australasia.  Below is just an example of what we work with. 

If you don’t see your document on the list of documents we accept, please contact us.


Please note, we do not offer legal advice, legal help or legal assistance on court filings or proceedings within the contract checking service, but will under our Legal Services.


We offer a free no obligation discussion if you are unsure of any matter

Our contract checking service include but are not limited to business contracts and agreements, terms & conditions , rental agreements, employment contracts, leases, leasing contracts, hire purchase agreements.


We check the following types of business agreements and contracts:


  1. All types of corporation creation agreements
  2. All varieties of joint venture agreements
  3. Building works contracts industrial and domestic (including JCT)
  4. Bylaws
  5. Confidentiality Agreements
  6. Consultancy agreements
  7. Conversions
  8. Corporate amendments.
  9. Franchise agreements
  10. General contracts
  11. Mediation agreements
  12. Mutual agreements
  13. Non-Compete Agreements
  14. Non-disclosure agreements
  15. Non-profit
  16. Property lease & other related documents
  17. Retainer agreements
  18. Supplier or supply contracts
  19. Shareholder agreements
  20. Time-Share or Shared Ownership Agreements
  21. Union contracts – buying/selling contracts



We check the following types of personal agreements and contracts:


  1. Civil Partnership agreements
  2. Cohabitation agreements
  3. Confidentiality Agreements
  4. Contracts of Employment
  5. Co-ownership agreements
  6. Employment releases
  7. Independent contractor agreements
  8. Lease agreements (car and property)
  9. Life insurance or policies
  10. Non Compete Agreements
  11. Non-disclosure agreements
  12. Power of attorney
  13. Prenuptial agreements
  14. Rent agreements
  15. Retirement plans
  16. Separation & Divorce contracts, agreements
  17. Tenancy agreements and tenancy contracts
  18. Travel and travel related insurance contracts or policies


We do not accept anything by fax.

Contract Checking, Contract Review Contract Checking, Fixed Cost Contract Review
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