Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
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CW Purchasing Consultancy

CW Purchasing Consultancy looks at the issues of your business from the experience across purchasing that simple concepts are the most powerful and the simple concept that there are only 2 ways to earn more margin: sell dearer or buy cheaper, so we look to add value based around that most businesses cannot achieve the former in a today’s competitive market place, so look at all the facets of buying cheaper - which isn’t just price.

Cost reduction is important, but cost reduction without transforming and strengthening the relationships between a business and its suppliers may not deliver the best end result for your business. What we do is not unique, but our deliverable and the focus on the total business deliverable around purchasing, and the results we can deliver for you are.


We live in a world where everybody differentiates themselves by claiming to be different.

What we say is that we deliver real value by looking at the simple common sense areas in a different way based around the systems and people already in place and offer a true one stop purchasing (we include the word procurement within our definition of purchasing) solution that delivers for the businesses we represent.


This means CW Purchasing Consultancy can really help, enact contract reviews,advise, identify and deliver sustainable savings to our clients with added value, such as project management and implementation.

We have managed and delivered cost effective projects and project management across Europe and beyond.


Call us for a free no obligation discussion about Purchasing Consultancy 0333 121 0161.

We ask the following questions:


What is Purchasing?

What are you trying to achieve from Purchasing?

Is it an efficient administration function? or

A strategic partner challenging the business to think beyond the obvious? or

A mix between the two?

Our deliverable is to make businesses think about the intergration and total deliverable purchasing can bring to buying products and services .


Where is your Risk?


Our ethos is risk is not good in purchasing. We work to reduce the chance of risk turning up where it is least expected. History tells us that analysis of process can reduce risk and add value.

We aim to reduce risk through our process.

We never assume anything.

We recognise that you are the expert and we tailor our approach to your knowledge that enables us to identify the most challenging issues.


Strategy & Relationships


We challenge simple assumptions that single source or monopoly suppliers are a horror story waiting to happen.

We challenge the norm that certain suppliers are untouchable by understanding the joint requirements of all parties.

Clients have told us that there is no point reviewing certain categories or contracts because “there is really no alternative supplier” or “the supplier is so embedded in our business they know we can’t switch”. 

We have a track record of aligning the balance of power and history tells us that this can be done and we have achieved that.


Capital Expenditure


Surprisingly, companies often fail to involve purchasing in Capital Expenditure programmes until the process is close to completion and they need purchasing to negotiate because that is their skill set. This may be for a number of reasons

The project may fall outside the usual governance processes,

The department has specific knowledge of the requirement.

It is perceived that purchasing do not have the specialist knowledge or capacity to support a major programme. 

The task is too technical for purchasing.

We'll call in purchasing when the time is right to save money.

We'll just use purchasing to draft the contract.


We have a track record that shows that bringing in purchasing at an early stage can add significant value in any project expenditure programme.




In today’s business environment outsourcing that only aims to reduce cost often creates disharmony and alienates and antagonises a businesses’ most valuable assets: staff and customers.

Business gurus preach outsourcing as the only way, but some of the most successful businesses increasingly consist of a central core supported by a  network of suppliers and commercial relationships, but as always the business is the expert on what they see as best. The only truism in business is that the most successful companies make it look easy, but copying or replicating what some else makes look easy is the hardest thing to achieve in business

Looking outside your business for the expertise, innovation and capability you may not have is becoming more common. We can offer focus agility to your propositions and short medium and long term strategic aims.

We can’t make it look easy, but we can make it easier and better.


Companies who use outsourcing to create an asset from internal company strengths and supplier relationships, whilst managing innovation, risk and governance and maintaining or improving service levels is what we aim to deliver for you from successful outsourcing.


Systems, Culture & People


Many purchasing “systems” give the illusion of the holy grail of control but, in reality, they just serve to create more bureaucracy, which stifles people and creates the environment that adds cost. Everything we do is about creating procurement/purchasing systems and solutions to create simplicity alongside control processes to make your business more effective.

We are systems focused, but while effective systems are necessary to provide greater visibility and control of spend, they must fit the organisational culture and be deployed around the requirements of KISS and people.


How do we do it?


We enjoy what we do, take pride in our work and are passionate about delivering purchasing solutions for business. We have a track record of project deliverables whilst creating relationships across cultures and international borders.


Our simplicy: Our differentiation:


A. We will identify savings and, more importantly, we deliver them.

B. We look at the alignment of people and cost savings - beyond the cost savings scenario.

C. We review your entire way of purchasing and make sensible recommendations to help you for              the future.

D. We work with you and your ethos and culture.


We do this by:


1.         Detailed analysis of current contracts and ways of working.

2.         Analysis of both historical and current spend.

3.         Detailed analysis of your current supplier base.

4.         Review of purchasing procedures and practices.

5.         Construction of detailed specifications (where required) analysis of future business and                       supply chain requirements.

6.         Management of tender processes, selection methodology and implementation.

7.         Negotiations, either direct from your brief, or alongside your team as part of an aligned                         strategy.

8.         Recommendation of best value supplier solutions.

9.         Support of contract terms and contract database management.

10.       Implementation and delivery of supplier and contract solutions.


Being passionate about purchasing and the alignment of purchasing, people and process gives us our USP that enables the best deliverable for business. We turn up every day to deliver enthused to deliver the best in class purchasing.


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