Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
Legal Services, Contract law, Dispute resolution, Contract Checking
CW Contract Law and Legal
CW Contract Law and Legal



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We deliver


  • Fixed Price legal services
  • Business contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Contract law solutions
  • Contract templates
  • Trading agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contract checking service
  • Debt recovery
  • Debt collection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Purchasing consultancy


CW Contract Law and Legal

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Fixed price legal services coerving the law of England and Wales.


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Legal services for Business, contracts, SHAREHOLDER agreements, CONTRACT CHECKING,  terms and conditions. 

Legal Services for Business


We have accumulated significant experience across varying industries and have expertise in providing legal services for business. We advise and write in simple understandable language within the terms of contract law and continue this into the preparation of legal documentation and agreements, so you get the legal agreement  your business requires – all at a fixed cost.


Debt recovery, Debt Collection, Dispute Resolution


We are also specialists in debt recovery debt /collection for business.


We can draft you bespoke business contracts, terms and conditions and legal agreements based upon the specific ways of working your business requires and link your ways of working to the legal requirements.


Our Services Include:


Anti bribery compliance

Data Protection Act (DPA)

Fixed Price Contract Review and Checking

Contract Negotiation

Drafting or Amending Contracts or Agreements

Trading Agreements

Protecting your Intellectual Property Rights

Debt Recovery based upon Late Payments Legislation

Legal Advice

Business Law

Non Disclosure Agreements

Negotiation Strategy

Dispute Resolution


All for the fixed fee we quote you.


Please see our Contract Checking Service

Please see out Debt Recovery and Debt Collection services.

Our expertise covers:


  • Supply of Goods/Services
  • Agency Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements


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Our experience in business contracts covers the following categories:



Brand Launches

Building works

Building works small

Consultancy Agreements (EMEA, BRIC, LATAM)

Design & build

Design (creative)

Events & Exhibitions

Facilities management (FM)


Food and beverage

Food manufacturing

Human resources (HR) outsourcing

High speed canning factories

Introducer agreements

Logistics and Warehousing

Luxury brands


Market research






Software and Technology Services

Sport & leisure

Supply of Goods /Products to customers

Supply of services


Telephone call centres (BRIC & LATAM)

Third Party outsourcing 



Contract law, the law of contract or the terms and conditions of business affects everything we do in business, but many people believe law firms overcharge them and under deliver. As such 50% of the 4.9m small businesses in the UK do not seek recourse to legal services, contract law or terms and conditions when conducting the important everyday business.


Simple English

We recognise that most people want legal services that set out in simple English the way they wish to buy or sell - simple ways of working aligned with the legal framework. Legal services and contract law linked to your bespoke ways of working at a fixed cost - we call that win-win-win for you.


We are successful


Since starting this proposition we have never had a dispute on the interpretation of the agreement between any of the parties who have used our legal services and contracts.


Every contract, agreement or terms and conditions we deliver is set out in a simple language in an understandable format, which focus heavily on your ways of working.


Most importantly it is understandable and affordable because the price is fixed for the agreed deliverable.

Choose your legal serviceS requirement

Fixed Cost Legal Services, Surrey, London, Fixed Cost Legal Services

Contract Drafting Services


A bespoke contract based upon the specific ways of working your business requires and link your ways of working with the legal requirements. We go back to the  other side's solicitors or legal team as many times as it is required by you at no extra cost.


Fixed Cost Legal Services, Surrey, London, Fixed Cost Business Contracts, Contract Law



Agency Agreement £160.00

Agreement for selling and distribution services.


Shareholder Agreement £300.00

Agreement for those setting up a limited company.


Partnership Agreement £260.00

Agreement for those setting up a partnership..


Agreement for the supply of goods/services £160.00 

Agreement to supply goods/products to a customer. 


Agreement for the supply of services £220.00 

Agreement to supply services to a customer. 


Contract checking service £90.00

We check and advise on potential liability on clauses.

We will redraft clauses for you at a fixed cost.


Consultancy Agreement £120.00 

Agreement for the services of a consultant or  a consultant wishing to set out a contract for the supply of their services. 


Terms and Conditions £160.00 

We can write your Terms and Conditions including website Terms and Conditions, Data Protection (DPA) provisions and privacy conditions.


Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)


NDA unilateral £25.00 

Issued by a company or individual where one party agrees to the non disclosure.


NDA mutual £25.00 

Where both companies wish the NDA to be mutual.



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